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The story of Livin La Vida Mocha


Created in 2020 by me (Ramya Sehmi), and inspired by the hit single "Livin la Vida Loca" (living the crazy life) by the King of Latin pop, Ricky Martin and my unwavering passion for coffee, music, and life, came... Livin La Vida Mocha - by my definition, living life with coffee in one hand!

I am not into superstitions, black cats (well, they are beautiful) or voodoo dolls, just here to share my passion and knowledge about coffee, my experiences, reads and to inspire and create a network of passionate go-getters.


Here's a little about how my passion for coffee brewed

Back in my beautiful home country of Kenya, I gathered comprehensive bean to cup knowledge from an independent coffee roaster, attended fun informative coffee making classes at independent cafes, had our first chemex, moka pot and espresso coffee machine at home, gained knowledge about the retail and consumer aspects of coffee and evolution of coffee drinking culture from East Africa's largest coffee-led restaurant chain. From then on, my passion and curiosity just brewed and brewed. 365 cups of coffee and a global pandemic later... Livin La Vida Mocha was officially created.

To me, Livin La Vida Mocha is about more than just making coffee and drinking it, it's more than just snapping a pretty picture and sharing it... Livin La Vida Mocha is about passion, depth, complexity, curiosity, learning and alchemy that is unseen, not just in coffee, but life too...! So, join my venture, explore my world, my coffee, my reads and interests... Livin La Vida Mocha has lots to offer you


Lots of love, 

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